What Is the Best Place to Sell Art Online? (2023)

Whether you’re anartist orsmall business owner (or both!), it’s crucial tomarket yourself andyour brand effectively. Thanks tothewidespread availability oftheInternet, selling your art online iseasier andmore profitable than ever.

There are many places ontheInternet tosell art, beitonmarketplaces oryour own website. However, choosing theright platform can betricky. It’s important toknow what you are getting into.

Inthis article, we’ll share popular websites tosell art online andcompare thebenefits ofselling onmarketplaces compared tosocial media oryour own website. Read ontolearn more about thebest places tosell art online.

How ToMake Money BySelling Your Art Online

Selling art online can bechallenging due tohigh competition inthemarketplace. However, theuniqueness andrelevance ofyour artwork are crucial factors that can help you make more money.

Ifyou’re looking fortheright platform toshowcase your art, you should consider whether theplatform aligns with your art style. Pay attention totheones that catch your eye. Each platform isunique andworks differently. It’s important todoyour research andchoose theone that you believe will help you succeed.

It’s important toread andunderstand theterms andconditions ofeach platform you use. This will help you understand their fees, what’s expected ofyou, andwhat’s permissible. For example, some platforms require original content, while others are more lenient. Some platforms may also charge high commission fees. It’s important tocarefully read thepaperwork todetermine ifthefees are reasonable ornot.

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Etsy, just like anymarketplace, charges fees forselling artwork

You also want tomake sure showcasing your products iseasy. Most platforms follow asimilar approach, starting with uploading your artwork, setting aprice, andproviding adescription. However, theavailability andusability oftools will depend ontheplatform.

When using online platforms, don’t expect people tostart buying from you right away. You need toestablish astrong brand andmarketing technique. Just because buyers are around doesn’t mean you’ll make sales right away. You have tofigure out how tomake potential customers seek out your service.

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Selling Your Art onMarketplaces

Marketplaces are one oftheeasiest andmost popular places tosell art online. Sites like Etsy, eBay, andAmazon Handmade allow you tolist your artwork forsale quickly andseemlessly. They are usually well-established andhave anexisting customer base that you can tap into. They also take care ofpayment processing andproviding customer support help.

However, marketplaces usually charge acommission and/or listing fee, which can reduce your profit margins. Comparing thecosts ofmarketplaces isagood place tostart when considering this option foryour artwork.

You can also sell your artwork onspecialist art marketplaces, such asArtfinder, Saatchi Art, andArtsy. Ifyou’re aprofessional artist, these curated marketplaces can beanexcellent way togain exposure toanaudience ofart buyers. Keep inmind that these sites have astrict curation process andyou have toapply tobecome aseller.

But ifyou are accepted tojoin specialist art marketplaces, they are incredible foryour career. They offer professional-level platforms andready-made audiences ofdedicated art collectors willing topay more forhigh-quality artwork.

Inorder tofully understand all your options, let’s look into themost common marketplaces forselling art online.


eBay isknown asanauction website where buyers can get anything they want. Itisanexcellent platform forartists who have anexisting sales strategy andwould like toadd eBay asanother sales channel.

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eBay has asection dedicated toart called eBay Art. Itincludes photographs, drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, posters, andNFTs. It’s easy tolist your work. Plus, you can increase thereach ofyour art byselling digital downloadables.

You can also list your art pieces oneBay asauction items with aminimum price requirement. Tosell quickly, you can include a“Buy now” price tag. eBay has comprehensive policies regarding artwork, allowing artists lawful sales oftheir original artwork, among other benefits. And ifyou have astandalone store onanecommerce site, you can link your store toeBay toboost sales.

Unfortunately, eBay can have complicated fees andthereputation ofits sellers isnot always spotless. It’s important toconsider thepros andcons ofanymarketing platform, including its reputability andcost.

However, auctioning could lead toselling your art atahigher price than even you expected. That, along with theease ofjoining theplatform andthevast audience oneBay, makes using theplatform highly beneficial. Worth consideration, forsure.


Etsy remains thego-to website forDIYers andartists. Ithas amassive art subcategory where you can easily locate different media, such asart prints, paintings, and/or illustrations. Top sellers onEtsy include artists ofall kinds.

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One advantage toselling your art onEtsy isthat you have theaudience andmarket wanting handmade objects—and they are willing topay theprice. Nevertheless, Etsy isacompetitive space fororiginal work. That means you have togotheextra mile todrive traffic through social media marketing andadvertising because you cannot necessarily depend onbuyers finding you ontheir own.

You also should get familiar with thefee structure before you open anEtsy shop. Check out their plans andpick asuitable one asyou compare costs. Etsy istypically set uptoconnect you andother artists with existing andwilling buyers. The limited design tools, crowded selling field, andnumerous fees (even ifyou don’t make anysales) are definitely some drawbacks toEtsy.

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Fine Art America

Fine Art America isone ofthelargest digital marketplaces forart across theglobe. Fine Art America boasts ofaglobal audience, print-on-demand technology, andeasy setup. This makes theplatform sought-after byartists, including ones that create digital art. Little wonder they are home tothousands ofartists who want tosell their home decor, wall art, fine paintings, apparel, andmore.

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Fine Art America has alot ofuseful features, from helping with marketing tosetting you upwith canvases toprint your art on. They have both free andpremium memberships, both ofwhich are good options forartists.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon has asection onits website solely foronline sellers ofhomemade art. Amazon Handmade isanexcellent option that anyone can apply for, aslong asthey are selling unique andoriginal pieces.

However, before you get started, you doneed tobeapproved bytheplatform. Amazon Handmade verifies sellers andnot everyone will beapproved. Insome cases, people have towait forawhile before they get approved.

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The good news isthere are nohidden fees when you sell your art onAmazon—only a15% flat fee deducted from your sale.


Society6isaprint-on-demand marketplace with one ofthelargest product assortments. Itisrenowned forenabling customers toengage with artwork from countless categories, such ashome decor, furniture, wall art, andothers. Plus, Society6only requires you tosign upandupload your art totheshop.

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Society6isapopular place tosell your art online. They take care oftasks like printing, shipping, andfulfillment.

However, they may not bethemost lucrative platform tosell your art. When you sell onSociety6, you only make 10% onyour sale asanartist. They dooffer numerous ways todrive upyour revenue, like setting higher markups foryour prints, canvas prints, andart prints. They also have anaffiliate program tohelp.

Selling Art onYour Website

Another good option istosell your art through your own website. The advantage ofselling your art online through your ecommerce store isthat you are theowner, soyou are theone who makes theprofit. You control thebranding, layout, andcustomer experience.

With certain ecommerce platforms, you can also integrate your website with various payment gateways, marketplaces, andshipping vendors, giving you more control andyour customers more options.

With your own website, you don’t have topay commission fees toanyone else. You get tokeep 100% oftheprofits. However, making sales isyour responsibility, asare pre- andpost-sales activities.

Operating your ecommerce store has immense rewards. You have theopportunity tocreate your brand, promote your art theway you like, andcontrol thepricing accordingly.

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Having your website allows you tomake your brand more prominent

Even though you have tohandle shipping, returns, andmarketing, selling onyour website gives you much more freedom andcontrol over your brand andartwork. Ifyou want thecontrol anddon’t mind thetime-cost ofrunning your own website, then setting upyour own online store might just beforyou.

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Selling Art onSocial Media

Selling onsocial media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, andPinterest can beanother option forartists. Social media isapowerful platform forpromotion andengagement with potential customers. Bybuilding your social media following andshowcasing your art, you can generate interest andattract new customers.

You can also join artist groups andcommunities onsocial media toconnect with other artists andart collectors.

However, social media sites are not designed tosell art. Payment processing may not beasstreamlined asonwebsites ormarketplaces. Some platforms like Facebook andInstagram allow setting upashop within your account, but thefunctionality isn’t available toall countries andrequires approval.

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You can set upashop onFacebook byconnecting your online product catalog toit

Can You DoItAll?

Asyou can see, there are tons ofoptions forselling your art online. Depending onyour goals andneeds, you can choose from marketplaces, awebsite, and/or social media. Each option has advantages anddisadvantages. Assuch, it’s important tocarefully consider your needs before making adecision.

Let’s summarize themain advantages anddisadvantages ofselling art onmarketplaces:

  • Pro: Most platforms make iteasy tolist artwork. Noneed tobetech-savvy.
  • Pro: Have anestablished customer base that you can tap into.
  • Pro: Payment processing istaken care ofbythemarketplace. Ifyou’re working with aprint-on-demand service, they take care ofshipping andhandling, too.
  • Con: High competition. Thousands ofother artists also list their work onamarketplace.
  • Con: High commission orlisting fees, which reduces your profit margins.
  • Con: Need toapply andget approved inorder tobecome aseller oncurated marketplaces.
  • Con: Less control, asyour branding andproducts may belimited bythemarketplace’s policies.

Now, let’s goover thepros andcons ofselling onyour own website:

  • Pro: You control everything—pricing, website layout, andcustomer experience, including available shipping andpayment options.
  • Pro: You keep profits without paying commission fees toanyone else.
  • Pro: You create your own brand andpromote your art asyou like.
  • Con: You’re responsible forhandling pre- andpost-sales activities, such asshipping &returns.
  • Con: You need tohandle marketing togenerate traffic onthesite.

Asforselling your art onsocial media, ithas its specifics, too:

  • Pro: You can easily promote your artwork byposting images andvideos ofyour art, work process, inspiration, andmore.
  • Pro: You can connect andengage with potential customers andother artists.
  • Con: Limited buying andpayment processing features compared towebsites ormarketplaces.
  • Con: Not designed forselling art, sothebuying interest might belower.

Ifyou’re unsure where tostart, werecommend setting upyour website first. You can build your brand, showcase andsell your artwork, andgain full control over theprocess. Aprofessional website isalso asign ofatrustworthy seller forpotential buyers. Itcan help you attract more customers. Once your website isestablished andrunning smoothly, then you expand your reach tomarketplaces orsocial media.

You can take selling art online toanentirely new level bysetting upyour online store with Ecwid byLightspeed. Not only can you set upanecommerce website, but you can also connect your online store tomarketplaces andsocial media topromote andadvertise your artwork. This way, you get all thebenefits ofselling onmultiple platforms while retaining control over your brand andartwork.

What Is the Best Place to Sell Art Online? (9)

This business sells its artwork onits website using Ecwid byLightspeed

Moreover, when selling online with Ecwid, you can leverage Instagram andFacebook Shops. This way, your followers will beable tobuy your artwork right from your Instagram orFacebook posts, reels, stories, etc., turning your social media profile into asales channel andsimplifying theshopping process foryour customers.

Ecwid also provides you with various tools formarketing, such asemail marketing, paid advertising tools, various deals, andpromotions.

Take Betsy Enzensberger, forexample. She’s arenowned pop artist andowner ofasuccessful online business. She uses Ecwid tosell her artwork onher website, Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, andGoogle Shopping. She does her marketing with Ecwid, too, leveraging built-in email marketing tools.

What Is the Best Place to Sell Art Online? (10)

Betsy Enzensberger’s Facebook shop set upvia Ecwid byLightspeed

Read Betsy Enzensberger’s success story tolearn afew lessons from anestablished artist andbusiness owner:

What Is the Best Place to Sell Art Online? (11)

Lessons From anArtist Who Leveraged


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Wrap Up

Whether you’re aprofessional artist orpart-time creative, selling your art online can beagreat way toreach abroader audience andgrow your business. Indeciding where andhow tosell your art, it’s important toconsider your goals, budget, technical expertise, andbranding needs.

Social media isgreat forbuilding afollowing but shouldn’t beyour only avenue forrevenue. Marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, andAmazon Handmade are relatively easy tostart with, but come with less control andhigher costs. While selling onyour own website requires more work, itgives you more control over thesales process.

Ultimately, thebest place tosell your art online will depend onyour individual needs andpreferences. Byleveraging multiple platforms, social media, andtargeted marketing, you can create asustainable online presence andconnect with aloyal audience ofart buyers.

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